A lab of ideas, a place to imagine, experiment, create and fly. In January 2014, the new space was inaugurated, former old goldsmith workshop and a printing house. An artistic aura giving the central theme to this space. Within, creativity develops every day at 360 °, every day a new challenge, a new ambiance. You go from dealing with interior design problems to finding ecommerce solutions, looking for the right forms for everyday objects to give sense to graphic symbols.

Design is constant and dynamic planning lookout for relative perfection.

Creative designer

Graduated at “Scuola Politecnica di Design” (Polytechnic School of Design) in Milan, he developed his know-how in the field of design with architects: Pepe Tanzi, Luigi Massoni, Carlo Forcolini. ADI member since 1994 and a professional since 1996, he has been in the field of design thanks to the achievement of prizes and recommendations. His work experience over the years has developed with companies in the world of furnishings, furnishing accessories, lighting, design, and industrial design. In his studio there is continuous creative research in the design field at 360 degrees, especially in the field of furniture and industrial design, graphics and web design.


Res, Matteograssi, Gruppo Confalonieri, Album, Italcomma_Urbinati, Rivolta, Selcof, Aero, Carnac,,, CAP20100, Sierrafox, Mandelli1953, Bsinergy, BSProfiles, Alluminio Sammarinese, Las Salotti, Ceme Group.


1995 . Special mention “Young and Design ’95”, prototype SGABO
1997 . Special mention “The project space ’97”
2000 . Special mention “Young and Design 2000”, WINDY chair for Matteograssi
2003 . Special mention “Young and Design 2003”, LED door LUNA LIGHT for Res
2005 . Special mention “Young and Design 2005”, TWIN system for Res
2006 . “Idot 2006” highlights, LED door LUNA LIGHT for Res
2017 . Finalist of the “Wine Mythology Label” competition
2022 . Winner of the “Progetta la tessera FISAR” competition